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International Journal of Biosynthesis

Energy & Character was founded in 1970 as a Biosynthesis  journal. It is now the best known body psychotherapy journal in the world, and the second longest established in its field.

Publishers and International Editors
Dr.h.c. David Boadella and Dr. phil. Silvia Specht Boadella,
International Institute for Biosynthesis, IIBS.

Benzenruti, CH-9410 Heiden/Switzerland
Tel: +41(0)71 891 6855
Fax: +41(0)71 891 5855

Producers and Managing Editors
Esther Frankel and Milton Correa
Escola de Biossíntese do Rio de Janeiro
Rua Barão de Ipanema, 56/902, Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, CEP 22050-030, Brasil
Tel: +55-21-3816 3626
Fax: +55-21-2523 5617

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